Why CrossFit

CrossFit brings to you a strong supportive community of like-minded individuals who, like you, want to make a change in their lifes, their fitness and their own healthy well-being.

CrossFit is for any level of fitness, that is from ‘no fitness” to the “very fit”.
Everyone at CrossFit does the same work out, each person has their own ability level, these levels simply become milestones to better yourself as your CrossFit journey progresses overtime.

Exercises are performed in a group setting with certified coaches. You are never left unattended while performing your workouts. Coaches are there to help you, encourage, push and support you. The person working out next to you is most likely going to support you as well. Do CrossFit with us, become part of our community.

In the one hour that your class runs for, you will warm up your muscles, refine your skills / abilities, and then have a workout that will take you safely past your comfort zone.

A typical class begins with a warm up / mobility stretches, some tuition on skills to be performed, and then the Workout of the Day (otherwise know as WODs).

A CrossFit workout (WOD) is different every time, it is designed by our Senior Coaches to fully work your body, test your stamina / endurance (mental and physical), and move you closer towards your own fitness goals.

Why CrossFit? Why not!

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CrossFit like any sport has its own level of Elite Athletes that compete at a National and Global Scale, but this doesn’t mean you are expected to be an Elite Athlete (unless you want to be).

We want you to be yourself. Communicate with us honestly and openly about what you want to achieve with your fitness and we will help you down that path to make it happen.
If you are new, you will not be expected to do exercises that you are physically not capable of performing. Any CrossFit movement can be scaled to your ability.

We are very serious about how we deliver the classes safely and effectively to you. The workouts will be hard, and you will be expected to push yourself.

That is how you get gains: “HARD WORK, COMMITMENT and FOCUS.”

Can I do CrossFit? Yes you can. Our oldest member is 65 our youngest is 14

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We are not a gym, there is no long-term membership commitment such as 6, 12 or 36 months. Our memberships are month to month, the general rule of thumb is ‘you have to want to be there’.
The place where we do CrossFit is known as the “Box”, and CrossFit is sometimes known to become your second family.

We don’t leave you alone in the Box, it is our responsibility to ensure you understand and know how to perform exercise movements.
It is our goal to make you better.
With you as a member we work together, so that you can achieve your fitness goals.
We provide the guidance, workouts, skill sessions and advice; you do the physical and nutritional work.

As part of the ‘Crew’, you become part of our CrossFit community, where we support and socialise. If you travel you will find that CrossFit Boxes worldwide make you feel welcome and part of their own CrossFit family.

How is this different to a gym? It is not a gym, nor does it function like a typical gym. It is very different.

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Starting CrossFIt for the first time you will have to go through our “Starter Series” of four specialised classes that teach you the foundation movements of CrossFit. This should be completed within 4-6 weeks depending on your schedule and commitment.

Moving into regular classes after the Starter Series, you have the option of attending up to three classes a week or more, this is determined by what type of membership to choose to take.
Rest and recovery is very important for any type of exercise, we do not recommend you rush your fitness. Only do as many classes as you can manage safely, progress to the next milestone only when it suits.

If you are committed to your fitness, making the training and nutritional changes as recommended under CrossFIt, we would expect you to start feeling and seeing change within 12 weeks.

But do accept, things take time and everyone is different. Do not expect results if you do not put the hard work in – mentally and physically. Nobody gets instantly fit overnight, but everybody gets better after every CrossFit class. But you will feel better instantly.

How long before I can see change? Change begins as soon as your start.

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