This week at CFWS – Monday 9th September, 2019

Sep 9th, 2019

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This week at CFWS – Monday 9th September, 2019

For those not aware, on Saturday I am away to the USA as one of 4 parent chaperones to 16 James Hargest High school students, one of which is my son Caleb.

This is a very exciting opportunity, not just for all of the kids, but especially for Caleb and I to experience something like this together.

Which means I have been on the hunt for extra coaches to handle you lot while I am away, and I have managed to secure 2 excellent humans to join our Coaching team.

The First of these, Hamish Meddings, arrives this week (Tuesday in fact) to meet you all and ease into our Coaching team. While some of you may remember him from his couple of appearances at the Southern Crusade, here is a wee few things to know about Hamish, but don’t be shy to ask him more while he is here.

Hamish was born and raised a Dunedin boy, so basically local, well still from the South anyway.

Hamish was introduced to CrossFit in 2009 and basically straight away he took his Level 1 at the Danish Royal Lifeguard base in Copenhagen and opened his first CrossFit box called ‘This Is CrossFit’ in Bergen, Norway.

Some of his many highlights over the 10 years of his CrossFit journey:
– Hamish has owned 3 CrossFit boxes (2 in Norway and has just recently sold his CrossFit gym in Mosgiel)
– He worked as a Head Trainer with CrossFit Headquarters for approx 5 years. Of which he helped to run Level 1 courses all around the globe.
– He is currently a Level 3 CrossFit Trainer and has multiple CrossFit speciality certificates including: weightlifting, mobility, gymnastics, kids, competitor and many more.
Hamish’s true passion lies in teaching people to become better people through eating right, moving well and applying yourself to your personal goals with fierce intensity.
He is super stoked to be invited to help me and the Wild South Coaching team out while I am away and to also have the opportunity to come and meet you and involve himself in the Wild South community.



This weeks programming,


“It’s like that, and thats the way it is…

–  A song lyric…


Mentioning Mega Macho Man Monday might motivate many muscular members ….mmm to book into a class? Chayse has quickly come to realise his limits in alliteration.

Second, to that we get a look at what the next cycle of Oly lifting looks like and how we will be progressing those numbers…the actual numbers we have achieved.

With all this barbell work you could be mistaken into thinking we have forgotten about the aerobic conditioning and gymnastics. Fear not, they will still make a big appearance.

Do you need a hint? “it’s like that” WOD we’ve done before, “its tricky” and afterwards you may have to talk this way, and definitely you will be all (wall) walking this way too.

Enjoy googling obscure references all morning!


Today’s WOD