The Bod Squad

Is shifting some unwanted fat a goal of yours? Are you feeling ready to make some changes but looking for a little push?

Coach Ruth is heading a new group called the Bod Squad. This is an opportunity for 6 Wild South Endurance athletes (yes, you have to be in quick) to join a private group that is focused on making the change.

Sometimes its hard on your own, and you need that little bit of camaraderie and accountability. You can expect to learn a lot, make mistakes, and be challenged regularly!

This group will run for 8 weeks. So should you join up?

If you are:


Ready to make some positive changes

Prepared to track your food

Prepared to do 2 body audits (first one this Friday) and track your progress with weekly photos

Can put aside an hour a week to get together with the group, where we discuss the tricky bits, share ideas, and learn what you need to know about fuelling your body.


Then yes you should!

To get involved register your interest here, and we will contact you with further details.