2017 Southern Crusade

The 2017 Southern Crusade

Athlete information for the Teens and Masters Divisions is below (Rx and Scaled will be updated before the event)


When: Saturday 11th (Teens and Masters) and Sunday 12th (Rx and Scaled) February

Registration: 8:30am Saturday 11th and 7:30 Sunday 12th
First event starts: 9:30 am Saturday 11th and 8:45am Sunday 12th
Prize Giving: From 3:45 pm both days


Where: CrossFit Wild South, Invercargill’s Home of CrossFit

117 Crinan Street, Invercargill

0800 788 4537


What: Individual Competition comprising of 3 WODS

Male and Female Teens will be split into 2 divisions – 14+15-year-olds and 16 years and over (up to 18 years old) at the time of the event.

Male and Female Masters ages are older than 40 years of age at the time of the event.

Rx and Scaled athletes should talk to their Coach/Affiliate owner to determine the most suitable division to enter. As a rough guide, if you compete in the CrossFit Open and do a majority of the WODs as Rx, you would be suited for the Rx division. Similarly, if you compete in the CrossFit Open and require scaling on a couple of the WODs, then the scaled division would be more suited for you.


Saturday 11th February:

Masters Male $40
Masters Female $40
Teen Male $40
Teen Female $40

1st place Prize $100

2nd place Prize $50

3rd place Prize $25

***Prize is cash and/or prizes to the value stated and is for all divisions


Sunday 12th February:

Rx Male $50
Rx Female $50
Scaled Male $40
Scaled Female $40

1st place Prize $200

2nd place Prize $100

3rd place Prize $50

***Prize is cash and/or prizes to the value stated and is for all divisions


 This event will be a great lead-in to the CrossFit Open giving athletes the opportunity so see where they are at and enjoy a bit of friendly competition!


Registration details:


Registrations are CLOSED



We are taking pre-orders (delivered on the day of competition) for the 2017 Southern Crusade T-shirts. These T-shirts are designed slightly different every year so are a great keepsake to remember your trip down to the Crusade.
Clean, simple design – one style and one colour
Khaki in colour with light grey writing/images.
2017 Southern Crusade logo on the front.
The famous Greg Glassman “Fitness in 100 words” quote on the back.
Sizes – small (S) – medium (M) – large (L) – extra large (XL) – and 2 extra large (XXL)

Any unfilled places will then be offered to the CrossFit Community.


Movement Standards:

Will be released closer to the time, WODs will be released on or nearer to the day.




Our head Coach, Ruth Anderson-Horrell will be leading a team of judges and crew for equipment adjustments. However, if you have some volunteers that are interested in helping out on the day, please let us know. All judges are required to have completed the online CrossFit Judging course and will be thoroughly briefed by Ruth.




We will be providing food on the day, please complete the form below to place your order.

Also, coffee fiends never fear, there will be a coffee available throughout the day so raid your money boxes and bring some extra cash.



For those that wish to stay the night, our wonderful community members will be taking in billets. This is a fantastic way to meet and get to know the CrossFit community down here. Let us know if you require a bed for the night.

For Announcements: https://www.facebook.com/CrossFitWildSouth