Catch up with the Crew – Tuesday 6th August, 2019

Aug 6th, 2019

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Catch up with the Crew – Tuesday 6th August, 2019

After a couple of weeks under her belt in the main classes, we can safely say that things are getting serious between Elaine and CFWS now. So much so that it is time to introduce her to the rest of our community that hasn’t had the chance to meet and work out with her yet. 

As always, the best way to get to know Elaine a bit more is to take some time to chat next time you see her at the box, perhaps get her to tell you the story about that time she swore she couldn’t do Double Unders and then did one after a quick tutorial from Stacy.


Name: Elaine Sully

Nickname: Elk – Don’t know why, had it since childhood!

Life Level (Age): 37

Job: Trainee psychologist and programme facilitator.

When did you start with CFWS? : 30th June 2019.

Your Fundamentals experience? : Loved it!!

Totally terrifying and exhilarating at the same time.

I gained so many little achievements along the way, first-ever double under and launching myself onto a rope despite being petrified of heights!

Your CrossFit experience to date? : Briefly attended CrossFit in the UK but there was no fundamental so I didn’t really get it.

I’ve been in the main classes for 2 weeks now and its rapidly becoming my favourite place!

Life outside of CFWS? : Life mostly revolves around studying and 3 children but I also play Badminton and the piano.

Any movements you particularly like? : I really enjoy lifting classes, it’s totally my bag. I enjoy seeing myself progress each week.

What movements are you paying particular attention too? : Not so keen on OH squats yet…I seem to have met my nemesis.

Anything coming up on your to-do list? : All I want in life at the moment is to do one solitary pull up! Just one.

If you had a warning label for yourself, what would it say? : Talks utter crap most of the time!

What is one of your most weird quirks? : I have song Tourettes. I can make a song out of anything….words, names etc. I share them often without realizing.

What do you think the most unpleasant sounding word is to you? : Moist..obviously! But I am triggered by unnecessary descriptives.

If you joined the circus, what would your act be? : Plate spinner.

Do you prefer to swim in pools or the ocean? : We don’t belong in the sea. There are far too many things that want to kill us in there.

Have you ever met someone famous? : I lived in Manchester where it was difficult not to bump into famous people from soap stars to footballers. Ed Sheeran walked past me in the city centre once and casually said “Hi”.

What is the first thing that you do when you wake up? : Check my phone for messages from family in the UK. Never get any…..

Have you read any good books lately? : I read far too much Russian literature. I love reading about the weird folklore that exists in that country.

What makes you angrier than it really should? : Bad manners!

What makes you laugh more than it really should? : Really inappropriate stuff..especially if I’m at a place where I shouldn’t be laughing.

What life lesson have you had to learn the hard way? : Exercise allows you to eat more food. Lots of food + zero exercise = fat ass.


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