19.1 was wicked, what is 19.2 about? – Friday 12th July, 2019

Jul 12th, 2019

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19.1 was wicked, what is 19.2 about? – Friday 12th July, 2019


19.1 was wicked, what is 19.2 about?


  • To be eligible for the individual points challenges to contribute to the teams on the Event night, you need to be registered by 7:30 am Saturday 6th July. If you register after this time, but before the Wednesday deadline, you just have less opportunity to secure points – and they all matter.
  • Registrations for the 19.2 WOD event CLOSE at 8 pm Wednesday 17th July (just before the 19.2 WOD is announced). Entries after this time will not be accepted.
  • The theme (dress up) is Disco, basically anything that is groovy that your bad self feels the funk in.






Points can be accumulated throughout the period from 7:30am Saturday 6th July to Wednesday 17th July at 8pm

  • 5 points per class for up to 4 WOD classes attended
  • 5 points for attending a Yoga/mobility class – NOTE the 19.2 challenge
  • 5 points for an active recovery session with a Crew mate (walk, run, swim etc)
  • 10 points for rocking up to the 19.2 event is your funkiest disco get-ups.
  • 25 points for the 19.2 Challenge – build a thruster mobility plan.


These scoresheets are to be left at the box on the clipboard by the check-in computer


FNL 19.2 Challenge

Create a personal Mobility Plan for thrusters


The FNL 19.2 Challenge is to create a 10 to 15-minute mobility plan specific to your own needs with the outcome being to be to improve your own Thruster efficiency.

Coach Ruth has been working with Carmen and they have 2 mobility classes planned and will take the place of the YOGA sessions on Sunday 14th and Wednesday 17th July (these sessions will still count for your “YOGA/MOBILITY” points for 19.2).

These sessions are also specific to the thruster so, along with your own research (this can include talking with your Primary Coach), you will be able to get along to them and learn more moves to help you put your plan together.

Plans are to be written on the back of the 19.2 scorecard.

FNL 19.2 Friday Night Workout will be announced Wednesday 17th July between 8 pm and 9 pm via the Facebook Crew page – then via email.







Today’s WOD


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