CFWS week in review – 010719

Jul 7th, 2019

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CFWS week in review – 010719



What a great week it was at CFWS

Yet another amazing week has just gone at CFWS with a heap of amazing workouts before finishing the week off with the first Friday Night Lights Event –  FNL 19.1.

What an amazing night, are you registered for 19.2?






This week at CFWS – Monday 1st July 2019

“If you get tired, learn to rest not to quit”



This week is the first week of Friday Night Lights, which means your chances to earn those ever important bonus points for Yoga and class attendance are running thinner.

If you’re attending classes this week then you are in for a fantastic Hero WOD were we get to use some of our handstand and Muscle Up drills that we have been seeing for the last month  – maybe even take a swing at the Rx standards for a few.

Later in the week, we see a repeat of a strong man WOD that will be a challenge – but not so much it takes away from us giving 100% on Friday Night Lights 19.1…and the jousting tournament




Catch up with the Crew – Tuesday 2nd July, 2019

Becs is pretty much one of the OG Crew, in fact, she is one of Stacy’s first people he coached through under the Starter Class program that used to happen before our fundamentals. She saw very early on that the benefits to her needed to be shared with her family, husband Phil and son Kurtis (Andreas made a cameo appearance for a while too) and encouraged (that’s probably a Becs word…) them to come on board.




The Youth at CFWS – Wednesday 3rd July, 2019

Our Youth Programs are inspired through the very best knowledge and resources that the world has to offer, but more importantly, they are specific to Youth training and ALWAYS at the forefront of that is “What is best for the kids”.

We have long held our belief that early sports specialisation is not what is best for kids, particularly the long term effects. There is becoming, albeit very slowly, a shift in this thinking towards allowing kids more “play” and focussing more on increasing the general physical skills (train kids to be generally good at a wider range of physical skills). It is great to see more article and studies appearing on just that.

Playing sports has clear social, physical and mental health benefits for children. But evidence shows that youth sports in Western societies have become increasingly controlled and regulated by adults, which takes the fun out for many children.
Participation rates by adolescents have been declining and recent statistics released by the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) show a 60% surge in sports injuries for children in the 10 to 14 age group over the past decade in New Zealand.




Our strength is our Community – Thursday 4th July, 2019

Sometimes, as a community, we like to compete and test our fitness against one another.

We even remain friends afterwards




The FNL 19.1 is…”Relay, Really?” – Friday 5th July, 2019


20 Assault Bike Calories

20 Wall Balls 9/6kg 10ft (9ft Scaled)

15 Toes to Bar (Straight arm plate sit ups 20/10kg scaled)

15 Push-ups (Box push ups 24 inch scaled)

10 Pull Ups (Jumping Pull Ups scaled)

10 Burpee Bar touch – 6-inch target

There is an 18-minute time CAP for this workout