Catch up with the Crew – Tuesday 25th June, 2019

Jun 25th, 2019

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Catch up with the Crew – Tuesday 25th June, 2019

Jane has been gracing the CFWS community with her presence for a little over 3 years now, and what an amazing journey it has been. Remaining positive and training as consistent as possible every step of the way while life sometimes presented a few barriers in front of her certainly shows the resilience and determination that she has.

As always, the best way to get to know Jane a bit more is to take some time to chat next time you see her in the box, or if you want to know more about what happens with Jane during the daytime, have a look at her business Facebook page.


Name: Jane Naylor

Nickname: Janeo.

Life Level (Age): I have reached level 41. Kids still think I suck in Xbox though.

Job: I own The Little Green Fairy Housekeeping, so I clean dunnys for a living.

I’m a mum of Quinno, Tessa and Toby and wife of Jason who keeps me very busy for the rest of the day.

When did you start with CFWS? : Um I think it’s been 3 years?

Your Fundamentals experience? : Ha lucky for me I got to do Fundamentals with Christina, been on this cool as journey with her ever since.

Ruth was/is our coach who we are very lucky to have. I loved it even tho I slipped a disk in my back week 2 Ruth worked around that!

What was most memorable was rope climbing! Never thought I could ever do that, first time ready to go the roof!

Advice – if you don’t download BTWB when you start Crossfit and you don’t stretch or mobilise you will regret it. Get massages all the time, they are awesome and learn about nutrition as we can’t live without food.

Your CrossFit experience to date? : I would never do anything else. I have made great friends, I have become strong, and am a full Crossfit Addict. Challenges have been recovering from surgery and being ok with being injured. I have had a few speed bumps but have learned to manage them and just let my body recover.
Some weaknesses take longer to beat and that’s ok as long as you never give up.
Food is a very important part of my life and CrossFit journey and it getting better for me and my family.

Life outside of CFWS? : Love watching my son Quinn cycling!
Having a coffee at The Batch with girlfriends. Seriously into rock hunting at the park! Planning our next overseas trip! ”

Any movements you particularly like? : Weight lifting, in particular, back squats PBs

What movements are you paying particular attention too? : Pull-Ups and overhead squats, seriously! Learning to love them!

Anything coming up on your to-do list?? : 100kg back squat, 120kg deadlift, 1 handstand push up and 1 Bloody pull-up!

If you had a warning label for yourself, what would it say? : GETS LOUD!

What do you think the most unpleasant sounding word is to you? : I have two, cause they go together, “moist panties”. I totally love the word discombobulated.

Have you ever met someone famous? : Yes heaps highlight would be DJ Carasco who pitched for the NY Mets he’s a good friend now (just thought id add that)

What is the first thing that you do when you wake up? : Let the cat out.

Have you read any good books lately? : Hippy by Paulo Coheo? It’s a love story but not as you might think more about the journey they/we are on and why they/we are on it.

If you joined the circus, what would your act be? : I would be the Ring Master, very comfortable talking!

What makes you laugh more than it really should? : My kids imitating the villagers on Minecraft, have you heard them? Just writing this makes me giggle.

What makes you angrier than it really should? : Dick drivers and the sock monster in my washing machine.

What is one of your most weird quirks? : Folding washing, in particular socks, it’s got to be right or I lose my shit!

Do you prefer to swim in pools or the ocean? : The Ocean hands down!

What life lesson have you had to learn the hard way? : Having a positive and abundant attitude brings positivity and abundance into your life so always be mindful of your thoughts words and actions, a negative attitude only brings negativity, hardship and pain.


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