CFWS week in review – 170619

Jun 23rd, 2019

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CFWS week in review – 170619


A wee glance back on your week at CFWS.

It’s that time of the week again for you read up on the week of workouts and words from our website.



This week at CFWS – Monday 17th June 2019

Happy Birthday to Coach Owen.

Thank you for all that you do for the Coaching Team and the CFWS community.

Your professionalism and passion are really appreciated, and even with the limited opportunities you have in your schedule to Coach, you make a positive difference to a large number of the CFWS community with their health and fitness journey.

The week ahead…




Catch up with the Crew – Tuesday 18th June, 2019

Steve, closing in on 6 years into his CrossFit journey and the inaugural winner of the “Earnest Hemmingway award” for the most detailed comments/thoughts to any blog/social post in the history of CFWS. And they are always on point too.

As always, the best way to get to know Steve a bit more is to take some time to chat next time you see him in the box, or if you want to know more about what happens at his work, have a look at AB Lime’s Website or Facebook page.





The Youth of today – Wednesday 19th June, 2019

Our Youth Programs are inspired through the very best knowledge and resources that the world has to offer, but more importantly, they are specific to Youth training and ALWAYS at the forefront of that is “What is best for the kids”.

Many humans these days struggle with increasing sedentary lifestyles due to the introduction of technology, less manual jobs and the “instantness” of many of our foods and products. Our youth are no different, but will, in fact, end up more reliant and accustomed to this way of life than today’s adult population if left unchecked. Reduced physical activity and a decrease in free play time can also undermine our kids motor skills development. This can lead to an increased likelihood of injury and also a heightened risk of childhood obesity.




Our strength is our Community – Thursday 20th June, 2019

We love seeing our community out and about using their fitness with friends and family. Last weekend saw a good number of the Crew out at Sandy Point for the Wensley’s Cycles & 2 Tyre Tracks 4/8 hour Enduro Event run by the Southland Mountain Bike Club.




FNL 2019…it’s HERE!!! – Friday 21st June, 2019

Friday Night Lights is CrossFit Wild South’s Annual in-house Community Event that has individuals and teams using their fitness to compete against each other in various physical, mental and lifestyle challenges to accumulate points to win prizes.

This year, competing as individuals, points are accumulated in the period prior (fortnight) to each Friday Night Workout Event, by completing various physical, mental and lifestyle challenges.

19.1 – Friday 5th July, 2019 – Kiwiana Theme

19.2 – Friday 19th July, 2019 – Disco Theme

19.3 – Friday 2nd August, 2019 – Stacy’s birthday + Live music = epic community social event




Some exciting news for Coach Ruth

Ruth’s news that she has accepted a role and will be returning to the Veterinary industry will mean some subtle changes to the Coaching roster in about 3 weeks time. Ruth will remain in the Coaching team to continue to work to develop the skills of the team and will be available to Coach a couple of sessions per week, likely Saturday mornings at this stage.
For those that have Ruth as their Primary Coach, we have made appointment times available through Zen planner so that you can schedule a sitdown with her so that she can continue to work with you on your journey and help you keep your progress heading in the right direction.

Stacy + Niki