The Youth at CFWS – Wednesday 12th June, 2019

Jun 12th, 2019

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The Youth at CFWS – Wednesday 12th June, 2019

Our Youth Programs are inspired through the very best knowledge and resources that the world has to offer, but more importantly, they are specific to Youth training and ALWAYS at the forefront of that is “What is best for the kids”.

We teach more than physical literacy in our programs, we aim to cover a broad range of skills that help the little humans grow to be better adult humans as they develop along their journey.

Our monthly focus across our wellness programming for June is “supportive words” – how our words can impact others to make them feel awesome.

Our kids will often compare themselves to one another, and at times they may even try to learn from one another or even just try to figure out how they “stack up” with their peers. We want our kids to learn to celebrate differences, and then understand that they can often actually be strengths in others and when we actually support each other in those differences, we can really start to make a difference. If we can take that attitude with us throughout life, we can really create a more harmonious community to live and thrive in.

We do all that by simply teaching our kids to cheer each other on, to ask each other for help and to recognise and praise each other’s strengths while supporting others with their challenges. When our kids learn from an early age that they aren’t actually in competition with each other and that they have the power to help each other to thrive, their relationships that they form throughout life will also thrive.


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