This week at CFWS – Monday 10th June, 2019

Jun 10th, 2019

Category: WODs

This week at CFWS – Monday 10th June, 2019

Jessi sees squats programmed

Jessi knows the importance of squats to her fitness

Jessi takes her squatting seriously and plans ahead

Be like Jessi


On the menu this week we have a Gymnastic bi-athalon lined up early for us to test our gymnastic endurance. This is an ideal time to check in with how our development in this modality is moving along after some recent focus on them.

Getting our “win” on mid week this week will involve setting some targets that may, in fact, involve an adjustment in our usual target for our wall balls.

Closing out the week we have a feature WOD from CompTrain that’s sure to give any of our recent fundamental graduates’s some serious flashbacks.


Today’s WOD