The Youth of today – Wednesday 29th May, 2019

May 29th, 2019

Category: Wild South Juniors

The Youth of today – Wednesday 29th May, 2019

Our Youth Programs are inspired through the very best knowledge and resources that the world has to offer, but more importantly, they are specific to Youth training and ALWAYS at the forefront of that is “What is best for the kids”.

“The Brand X Method weaves together foundational motor pattern training, the most advantageous elements of play, and targeted physical literacy enhancement within an individualized program design. Youth who stick with the program become competent, confident, and motivated to level up the enjoyment and performance of their current activities, dive into new things with the same verve, and meet new challenges head-on. They move through their lives with freedom and fearlessness. The magic of our method is that we leverage the existing capabilities of any and all youth in our care and help them discover and transcend their own limits. The medium in which this artistry occurs is physical literacy.”  – Brand X Method PYCC



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