The Youth of today – Wednesday 22nd May, 2019

May 22nd, 2019

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The Youth of today – Wednesday 22nd May, 2019

We know that having our youth engaged in sport and other recreational activities will lead to happier, healthier people, better-connected communities and a stronger more resilient population. Getting our Youth actively participating in activities is becoming more and more challenging but it is increasingly becoming more critical that we find and develop ways to attract our Youth into healthy activities and retain their engagement in active pursuits for life.

We are seeing that it is becoming more important for our young woman, as there is a growing disparity in data suggesting that they are even less engaged in activities than our young men, and in fact drop off their sports and various activities as they reach the end of their teenage years. 

We understand these needs and the subtle differences that our young men and woman have, but our programs are designed to achieve positive, life long outcomes for both. Specifically for our young women though, we see that when they are engaged in our programs they experience, genuine love for themselves and self-belief, skills and resilience to better cope with the demands of the modern life, stronger social networks and a sense of community belonging. Many of our young women take those skills and apply them to other activities that they become motivated to do, sports, tramping, multisport events, mountain biking and many more. But most of all they remain engaged, we have young woman progressing over several years through our youth programs into the adult program, where their passion for movement and activity doesn’t just end there, it stays with them for life.


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