The Youth of today – Wednesday 8th May, 2019

May 8th, 2019

Category: Wild South Juniors

The Youth of today – Wednesday 8th May, 2019

What the word “fitness” for our kids should really mean is at odds with the standard thinking that sport alone will dictate improvements in health and fitness. 

Our kids are often ‘scored’ based on the number of tackles made, goals or tries scored instead of their health and fitness. This obsession with pure performance metrics is simply the wrong path for our children, particularly the younger ones. It has warped our understanding of what fitness is and should be about.

It is, for this reason, we believe that if we have our kids learn and master the basics of movement, pacing, stability and control, we could transform everyone’s thinking on the meaning of “fitness for life”.  What we see a lot of right now bears no resemblance to that notion of fitness for life. Not only is that knowledge lacking but many kids feel the challenge to participate in fitness (and later, a sport) is because they’ve never learned the basics of movement and perceive fitness to be a punishment and is a painful and unfulfilling activity. All of this due to the fact that it’s not built into our thinking, like the fundamentals of reading and math for example.

Imagine the outcomes in overall health and fitness for our community over time if we placed as much value on it as we do other things.

We currently have spaces available in our Wild South Kids classes on Wednesday’s at 3:45 pm.


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