Fundamentals Graduate of the Day – Tuesday 19th February, 2019

Feb 19th, 2019

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Fundamentals Graduate of the Day – Tuesday 19th February, 2019

We have finally managed to catch up with Tori since she graduated from our Fundamentals Program before the Christmas/New Year period to see what she thought of her Fundamentals experience and her journey at CrossFit Wild South so far.



Here are a few things that she wanted to share with us.


Tori, tell us a little bit about yourself, your story as it were.

I’m originally from the sunny Hawkes Bay where I spent majority of my childhood. I moved to Dunedin in 2011 to study and ended up loving it so had stayed until recently.

Aidan, my partner had accepted a job with the Police in Jan last year and I was able to transfer with my job so we decided to move permanently to Invercargill in October.

When you looked at starting along your health and fitness journey, what were you looking for?

I have always enjoyed fitness and exercise and have tried all styles from boot camps to Les Mills to group fitness classes. I know for me, a structured class where I can just turn up and the work out is already decided, works best and I push myself harder compared to being left to my own devices.

What did you enjoy most about the Fundamentals Program?

I had actually joined a CrossFit gym in Dunedin where I progressed from the Crossfit Woman’s bootcamp classes to the mainstream classes. It was a few years ago since then so decided I’d start fresh.

Completing the Fundamentals 1:1 compared to in a small group is by far my preference. It meant we were able to blitz through some of the movements I already knew well, but take our time on the more technical movements that needed more work. 1:1 means it’s at your own pace and the Coach is dedicated to you only.

Now that you are in the main group classes, how are you finding the community?

Everyone was so welcoming and friendly.

I found everyone made an effort to learn your name and were very encouraging no matter what weight you were lifting.

What do you hope to be able to say about your Health and Fitness in 12 months’ time?

My dream has always been to be able to run a half marathon, do push ups on my toes and master double unders!





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