It will be FUN, so why bother?

Jan 4th, 2019

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It will be FUN, so why bother?

The Southern Crusade is CrossFit Wild South’s annual CrossFit competition and it is coming soon.

It is suitable for a majority of Crossfitters that have been training regularly (2-3+ times per week) for around 6 months or more. It’s a fantastic day of friendly competition built around a strong community vibe from all of the affiliates (boxes) that are invited.


If you find yourself wondering if you should enter or not, I have a few things for you to consider that may help clear some questions up for you.


1 – Am I “good” enough?


The short answer is “YES”. Of course, you are good enough, in fact, you will likely be pleasantly surprised at the level of your fitness and skill when in the friendly competition environment. In our class WOD’s we often find ourselves looking at the whiteboard pre WOD for that person who we think we are on “par” with to get an idea of what to expect from the workout. We will often use that as a little push to get a little more from the workout. Well at the Crusade, there is simply a few different faces to utilise the same type of stimulus. 

We all do it in class (yes, ALL of us) so it is not really any different if we do it at the Crusade is it?


2 – We are all a little competitive…really.


Many of us competed as kids whether on a sports team, racing siblings to the car or getting to the playground first after the bell rings. When we become adults, while we still compete for jobs etc, we often forget about that side of ourselves, that drive, that fire, that buzz we get from physically competing at something. There really is no need to retire that side of ourselves just because we have to “adult”. I am not talking about being a win-at-all-cost type competitor but there is something about putting yourself out there that could ignite some inspiration, either in you or someone else.

Perhaps it is what you need to set your goals in motion this year? (more on that in a coming blog)


3 – You will see some amazing performances.


And I am not just talking the “best” athletes either. There will be people who, like you, were probably thinking they couldn’t do it. They thought they simply weren’t ready, or good enough, or one of several other “reasons” for not giving it a go…until they decided to. For me this is one of the really neat things about these type of events, you will see performances from those people that really are inspiring.

Could you be one of those people?


4 – It’s actually just really fun.


Not only are you good enough, just a little bit competitive and will likely witness some really awesome performances, but the real reason to give the Crusade a go is because it is FUN.

You are often training all year for a specific reason, weight loss, strength gains, mobility improvements, whatever it is, no matter how constantly varied we make it, it can get a little “same – same”. You will be utilising all of those things you have been doing at the box in a couple of WOD’s… for YOU. Not for training, not for building strength or anything like that, just for YOU.

The day is just 3 WOD’s, as you would do in a normal class, spread throughout the day with a good 90 to 120-minute interval between workouts for the athlete. All the WOD’s are performed in heats, generally 2 heats of 6 or 8 per division, run one after the other throughout the day apart from a break for lunch.

The idea of the programming for this event is not to destroy you, but simply to provide a good test of your fitness and most importantly to ensure that you have FUN.


Today’s WOD



-112Days -6Hours -31Minutes -19Seconds

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