Workout of the Day – Monday 24th December, 2018

Dec 24th, 2018

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Workout of the Day – Monday 24th December, 2018

Happy Honda Glaze Crew.

Welcome to the first week of our Holiday timetable where you will see slightly larger classes but don’t be alarmed, as our WODS are programmed to suit so you can safely share that Holiday cheer with a few more people in the box.

Also, don’t panic if you see a few Hero workouts thrown in here and there, some of us can share the work with a partner, while others may choose to tick those WOD’s off their “to-do” list.

Enjoy the Holiday season, spend time talking, connecting, playing and laughing with family and friends.

Don’t stress if you cannot make it in to do a workout, play games with your kids (and some adults too) or maybe even find a nice hill or a beach/lake or bush walk somewhere and use your fitness that way, a couple of days away from the gym won’t suddenly turn you into a couch potato.


Today’s WOD



-144Days -7Hours -32Minutes -22Seconds