Workout of the Day – Monday 12th November, 2018

Nov 12th, 2018

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Workout of the Day – Monday 12th November, 2018

When a powerlifter meets the cardios….and still smiles.


Programming summary

We open the week with progressing our squat strength as we continue our current back squat program. So if you have been sitting around all weekend then hitting some hip preparation will see you make the most out of the squat session.

The week flows through to us spending a good amount of time in various overhead positions across the workouts. So if you know that this is one of your work on’s, get to class and prep ahead. Crossover symmetry, thoracic mobility and chest openers should be on your list.

Rounding out the week is some classic metcon style WOD’s to help us practice our intensity and get the heart rate up and keep it there.

Today’s WOD