YOGA – Sunday 24th June, 2018

Jun 24th, 2018

Category: WODs

YOGA – Sunday 24th June, 2018

You may think that you can’t do yoga because you lack mobility or can’t touch your toes, but remember that most of us couldn’t do a pull-up or even a handstand when we started our CrossFit journey.

Does this stop you from going to CrossFit?

Not only is working on your flexibility important for building and maintaining healthy joints that can move with a full range of motion, but Yoga is a practice of linking movement to breath, teaching you to move through postural transitions using your breathing. This pattern of breathing awareness seamlessly transfers to a long workout where the timing of breath and rhythm is essential to you staying on point to receive the most from your WOD.

Yoga also helps you learn how to breathe deeply into your diaphragm, which directly translates into your ability to produce more power and sustain movements for longer durations.