Wednesday 13th June, 2018

Jun 13th, 2018

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Wednesday 13th June, 2018



Today is Coach Amanda’s last day coaching at CFWS as she prepares to begin a new and exciting journey in her life.
Amanda started her journey to simply become fitter and stronger, then she quickly became interested in coaching others and so went away and earned her Level 1 trainers certificate. From there Amanda has always been working on improving her knowledge base to make sure that she can continue to provide our community with the highest quality coaching possible and deliver it with passion and enthusiasm. 

As sad as it is to be losing such a valued member of our coaching team, we are truly excited for her and the next part of her journey and we wish her all the success and happiness with that.


Today’s WOD


For time:

100 Pull-ups

100 Push-ups

100 AbMat Sit-ups

100 Air Squats

30min CAP


Angie is a benchmark girls WOD.

Obviously high numbers of gymnastics reps here, (particularly pull ups and push ups), you can expect to have 20 minutes of work to do.

If kipping, grips are a great idea as this will be tough on the hands. Banded pull ups are likely to fade fairly quickly so jumping pull-ups or ring rows would be best for those not kipping. Box push-ups or band to rig push-ups are suitable here – choose a scale we can hit around 15 fresh on each movement.

We do have the option to reduce reps as needed so you can finish in the time cap, particularly on the upper body movements.

Use the arms with the sit-ups to aid keeping moving through this movement and once we hit the squats its time to go!