Friday 1st June, 2018

Jun 1st, 2018

Category: WODs

Friday 1st June, 2018

Today’s WOD

15 minutes to build to a heavy:
Snatch Complex – 1 Snatch + 3 Overhead Squat

5 min AMRAP

5 Front Squats 75%
35 Double Unders


The snatch skill today is a chance to work on the catch position of the snatch – if the OHS is not a stable position for you expect to be keeping it light today.

The advantages of working the OHS are improving posture, midline engagement and really having to work on a perfect squat as it lets you away with nothing! You may want a ball for a target to ensure depth if you know its sticky!

We will move into heavy front squats for the WOD so you may need to allow a good 5 minutes after this part of the session to build up to the front squat weight.

The bar will be taken from the floor today so practice your power/squat clean as you find the weight.

The Double Unders should not be more than 30 seconds of work, so find a number that is helping you to practice the skill.

5 rounds would be around a minute per round, which will be a fairly good challenge for most of us to stick to – expect your legs to burn today!

Push through though, it’s only 5 minutes!!