Thursday 31st May, 2018

May 31st, 2018

Category: WODs

Thursday 31st May, 2018

Today’s WOD

12 Minute AMRAP

12 Push ups
24 Air squats
1 Rope climb


Push-ups are not glamorous but are so important – if you don’t have one it should definitely be a goal.

Even if you have some but they aren’t that good, start praciticing them a few times a week, even if you’re not at the gym.

This is a gymnastic WOD testing our proficiency across some basic movements.

We should be able to keep good form throughout the air squats, we are going to review the skills of all of these movements today so we can determine the best scales. The push ups for most will need broken up – but we should choose a scale that 12 unbroken is possible when fresh.

Scales: banded push ups

Rope climbs: reduced height rope climb, rope layback or rope J clamps (stand and hold).