Tuesday 15th May, 2018

May 15th, 2018

Category: WODs

Tuesday 15th May, 2018

Today’s WOD


9 Toes To Bar
12 Sumo Deadlift high Pull 50/35kg
400m Run

20min CAP


We are after a 15minute WOD here.

This is a triplet of TTB, SDHP and running.

The SDHP are a little heavier than recent WODs we have done, you will need to use all of the tech of pushing through the legs you have learnt to get the most from this WOD, (hips then shoulders, then elbows) early arm pull will kill your shoulders and make hanging on the bar really tough.

9 is a really nice number to work to maintain a kip swing for your hanging knee raise, toes to air or toes to bar see what you can do that will not only give you a good WOD but keep you striving towards being a ninja at this movement.

The run is not a rest!

You need to push the pace.

Be a little uncomfortable but come in with the plan of a very quick transition on to the bar, not a long rest staring into the chalk bucket!