Thursday 19th April, 2018

Apr 19th, 2018

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Thursday 19th April, 2018

Today’s WOD

2 Rounds for max reps of

2 minutes of HSPU
Rest 1 minutes
2 minutes of pistols
Rest 1 minutes
2 minutes of chest to bar pull ups
Rest 1 minutes


The same format as Monday, this will test your gymnastics proficiency and strength. Give this some thought, none of us will go UB on the HSPU and pull-ups, think about a rep scheme that will keep you moving here, and not push you to failure in minute 1.

Choose a scale that means you could do 10 without stopping.

HSPU: change ROM, off a box, or DB push press,

Pistols: box lower downs (consider changing to this if you always work to same height), pistol to target height.

Chest to bar pull up: kipping pull up, jumping chest to bar pull up, ring row