Monday 16th April, 2018

Apr 16th, 2018

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Monday 16th April, 2018

Today’s WOD

2 rounds for max reps of:

2 minutes of shoulder presses, 50/35
Rest 1 minute
2 minutes of power cleans 90/60
Rest 1 minute
2 minutes of deadlifts 130/85
Rest 1 minute


Today is a huge test of time under tension.

For the press, you need a weight you can punch out a set of 10 reps.

For the power clean you need a weight you can keep moving with (doesn’t need to TNG), but a lift at least every 15 seconds.

For the deadlifts, again a weight you can move WELL for 10 reps. There is time to change weights out but you will need to have them all handy so it’s not a panic in that 1 min as you will need the recovery time.

Core stability is huge when we are enduring weightlifting, make sure you are disciplined with staying tight while still allowing yourself to breathe!

You should score a number for each interval.