Monday 9th April, 2018

Apr 9th, 2018

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Monday 9th April, 2018

Today’s WOD

For Time

42 – 30 – 18 Wall Balls 9/6kg 10ft Target

94 – 60 – 36 AbMat Sit-ups


We can make up a good amount of time with a good rhythm on sit-ups, but ultimately we want to push for big sets on the wall balls to go fast here.

Want a better Karen time? Then this is a great workout to practice the movement.

Select a wall-ball weight that allows you to complete at least 20 consecutive reps in the warm-up.

During the workout, each set should be done with minimal rest. If you are able to complete the first round of wall balls in 2 sets or less, consider increasing the weight for the subsequent rounds.

Just because you have a ball in your hand don’t let yourself forget about proper squat mechanics! Dropping the chest or rolling the knees is a big reason that we see these fall apart.