Monday 5th March, 2018

Mar 5th, 2018

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Monday 5th March, 2018

It’s totally fine to exercise because it’s fun, to learn/improve a skill, competition, play in the sun, blow off some steam, burn some energy, hang with friends, increase blood flow, think better, procrastinate from work, learn your body, and 10000 other reasons.”

– Dr. Andy Galpin

We often find ourselves asking ourselves why we train the way we do.

I mean it’s not like it is easy turning up at 5:30 am on a crisp Autumn morning or at 5:30 pm after a long day at work to tackle one of our programmed CrossFit sessions. But it is still really useful to know why.

I got another first-hand example of someones “why” this weekend as I went to see Derek Manson competing at woodchopping out at Colac Bay.

I have had a bit to do with Derek through rugby during the last year or so, helping with some strength and conditioning with his rugby teams. Once the rugby season had finished, Derek joined our Fundamentals program and we set about making his goal of returning to woodchopping a reality.

Consistent attendance over the last few months has seen Derek’s general conditioning improve dramatically, from “blowing up” after a few swings with the axe to competing in 5 tough events in a day and winning his division in one of the events shows what hard work and determination can do. Not only that but a very relevant “why” to focus on.


Coach Stacy


Today’s WOD


Option A

Do, or redo 18.2

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 reps for time of:
Dumbbell squats
Bar-facing burpees

Men use 22.5 kg dumbbells

Women use 15kg dumbells

Workout 18.2a

1-rep-max clean

Time cap: 12 minutes to complete 18.2 AND 18.2a


Option B

12 Minute Cap


Bodyweight deadlift

Box Jump Over 24/20″

Max calories on the rower in the remaining time.