Friday 6th October 2017

Oct 6th, 2017

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Friday 6th October 2017


3 rounds not for time:

– 10 second free standing handstand
– 3m handstand walk and 180 degree pirouette

These movements can be appropriately scaled for whatever level of difficulty your handstand skills are at today! Use the wall to assist you in your handstand hold and help you get in to that hollow position upside down, maybe start shifting some weight from hand to hand while you are upside down or move towards tapping your shoulders and really transferring that weight from side to side – we know that getting upside down isn’t the most comfortable thing for most of us but the more time we spend there the better it will get – PROMISE! Your coach will have plenty of options today that’ll help you make the upside down gains!


21 – 18 – 15 – 12 – 9

– weighted abmat sit ups 25/15
– abmat back extensions (or GHD hip extensions)