Daylight savings = Sleep cravings

Sep 27th, 2017

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Daylight savings = Sleep cravings

Hey everyone!
With day light savings coming around stealing an hour from us I thought it would a good time to talk about sleep and how to combat missing it; especially for you AM’ers.
Could the 1 hours shift send us all into an insomniac downfall? Probably not but me with my strict Queenslander body clock I have had to work out a few tricks.
Avoiding caffeine was the first no brainer – definitely in the afternoon, anything the make going down earlier easier.
Would I say that drinking enough coffee and pre-workout can undo any amount of missed sleep the night before? Maybe once upon a time; I have been known to dabble in the effects of Pre-workout from time to time but from experience I can say no matter shots of C4 you knock back that sleep is still 100% vital for health, healing, bodily functions and not to mention sanity. So there is no replacement and if we have to get up early we need to get to sleep earlier too.
How to wake up with blast can be a trick too. Cold showers work the treat if your brave enough but drinking it can be effective as well to get the engine running and rolling


Lastly there is this app on iPhones that Im loving
called bedtime.

Samsung probably has a similar thing but Im a bit of an apple fan boy.

Check it out, I can plan when I want to sleep and can see how many hours I get, I get little alerts leading up to my set bed time saying “hey man time to feel tired now” but the bast part is when its time to wake up it plays a gentle ambiance sound to wake me up; mine is set on rainforest sounds and its great.
– actually make this the number 1 tip, bed time is 5 star quality app everyone should have it.

Hope these sleep tips help any of you struggling with the daylight savings blues