3 things CrossFit has taught me.

Jun 15th, 2017

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3 things CrossFit has taught me.

So you could say I’m fairly passionate about CrossFit, and in fact health and fitness in general. Not only do I love how it affects people lives and allows them to achieve great physical feats, I also believe it makes a great catalyst for personal development too. So instead of going through the entire list I thought I could do quick list of the 3 things that top my list of “things that Crossfit has taught me about myself”

1• It’s OK to be competitive.
I have struggled in the past to admit that I’m more than “a bit competitive”, I felt as though it would make me seem arrogant or as if my head was too big for my shoulders and even as a kid and into my teens I was not a sporty guy, I carried a strange disposition on sports and competition, I would purposely aim for last because I would prefer to choose to loose than to try and fail.
Crossfit obviously helped me get over this fear of competition by showing me how well a bit of competition can motivate you to be a better version of yourself, not only in the box but in life in general too.
Another thing to note is that you are your best competition!
Making yourself your only competition and by using your past benchmarks and records I’ve found is the best way to push harder and to make sure you’re moving in the right direction.

•Good things take time, great things take work.
How great is instant gratification? It’s just the best right? Like a take home layby, where you get the stuff without having to pay for it – kind of. That quick endorphin rush is hard wired into us and for a lot of people including myself, skating from high to high was more than enough to be content. That was until CrossFit, where unfortunately we can’t PB every day and standing in a corner whipping yourself with a wire rope for hours on end is about as fun as it sounds but, at the end of the day, all of the time and effort put into goals can make it much more worthwhile when we can finally tick something big off the board.

•Community is key to success.
As human beings, we need a sense of belonging, and that sense of belonging is what connects us to the many relationships we develop.
I have in the past done my hours in a commercial gym; music on, head down and staring in the mirror and often found myself counting down the minutes until I could let myself off for the night content with my workout. Never did I stop and think that maybe training with a group of like-minded people could offer me accountability and be beneficial to my workout; funny that.
It all makes too much sense now but not only can our community improve our training it also has a way of bringing together people from all walks if life each with strengths and weaknesses that can all teach us something be it in the gym or out.

So in conclusion, my top 3: Strive to be your best, Work hard and trust the community