CrossFit Kids – Monday 12th June, 2017

Jun 12th, 2017

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CrossFit Kids – Monday 12th June, 2017

Our youth strength and conditioning programs are not designed to train kids to be only good in the gym or at a specific sport.
We train young people to be good at whatever they want to be good at, primarily as humans through a greater understanding of quality movements, recovery, and good nutrition. This means that when they take that understanding, they can apply those principles to whatever they like, they can test their boundaries, express their athleticism or simply enjoy a healthy life and just play.




Warm up:


Dizzy Stick shuttles


5 Squats

5 burpees

5 Jumping Jacks

5 Mountain Climbers




Plate Deadlift 


Using a plate (5/10kg) to promote upright torso


Get Ready:


 30-second dead bug

10 marching bridges







Partner lily pad relay 

20 Deadlifts (plate) – alternating with partner




Hand soccer


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