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Some Desktop Tips from Doug Hawkins (CFWS Crew)

Using BTWB I save pages that give me my stats.
I rename the title of the links in this format: [name-of-movement]- BTWB

Few things first:

1. You need to be a member of Beyond the Whiteboard
2. Your profile needs to be public (or you will have to save your login details on your phone prior)
3. You need to know your membership number (it’s in the URL link when you check out your stats in BTWB)
4. You need a phone capable of surfing the web.
5. you need to keep BTWB updated.

I’ve done some links for you could copy below. All you have to do next is replace my membership number ‘24901’ with your own Beyond the Whiteboard membership number.

For example:

My deadlift – with my membership number 24901

Crushers Deadlift – with his membership number 104289

Stacys Deadlift

The links you need:

Browse on your phone, change the membership number to yours, enter to view then save to your phone home screen as a quick link.

Deadlift – BTWB

Front Squat- BTWB

Power Snatch – BTWB

Power Clean – BTWB

Clean & Jerk – BTWB

Back Squat – BTWB

Overhead Squat – BTWB

Push Jerk – BTWB

Push Press – BTWB

You can do more as well.

Here is the Boxes Fran leaderboard for members on BTWB