2018 CFWS Christmas Event

The 2018 CFWS Christmas Party.

A wee friendly in-house throwdown in the morning (basically a big Saturday WOD class), a feed and then some paintball. 
Come for a WOD or a Feed or a paintball war – or all 3. Please yourself.

8am – Christmas Cracker – Grab a partner 

(Mixed/Same/Rx/Scaled – any combination you like) No divisions, so just register for a morning of fun and inclusive WOD’s.
It’s pretty much a big Saturday class but in competition format so we can fit you all in.
You know it will be a hoot so register a team now.
If your team come dressed in Rock/Metal theme, you could both with tickets to the Gods of Rock 2 event the following weekend.

12pm – It’s back!!!

It’s been a few years Crew but we are cooking a full sheep (We will probably grill up a few chickens etc too) for you to dine on.
Ideally bring a salad too if you like to blend your meat with such things.

2pm – Utu time

Get some payback on your Coach or fellow workout buddy (or even someone you have never met yet…) with some paintball at CrossFire paintball. Cost for this part is $25 for your first 100 bullets, then $10 per hundred thereafter…Jono usually drops a hundy on this, he loves it…